Simply there

semi related: toothbrushes and razors

“You haven’t found love recently?” she asked.

My gut response, “No.”

Upon reflection, that answer warrants explanation.

I’ve always known love. It was never lost.

From childhood my parents were there, supportive of any endeavor and quick to offer guidance. In school I developed friendships that still stand. Though we have taken very different paths in life, we can agree on the basic tenet: I really care about your well-being. This continued through college, into the workplace and to this day.

Perhaps I bandy about the term ‘love’ too loosely, but to me, it’s a simple matter of compassion and personal interest.

It is simply there.

4 responses to “Simply there”

  1. Chris Glass Avatar

    Thank ya Colleen. I don’t often feel proud of the words. Pictures are not easy, but they form themselves.
    This was a rare instance when the words came first.

  2. Dave P Avatar

    Perfectly said. Great choice of photo, too.

  3. T Town Tommy Avatar

    A perfect combination of photo and intent. After almost 10 years with my partner I can share with you that love depends and changes and yet it is still simply there. Great post as usual, have a wonderful Memorial Weekend!