greens and High School Musical


I love this time of year because the greens are so vivid. It happens fast though.

The once lush grass out back is now evolving to its normal summer state: blotchy and brownish with spots of weeds, shorn too close, not so pretty.

The leaves on trees and shrubberies are still hanging on to that new green though. I’ve added 5 shots like the above (to the end) of my green set.

In other news, watched High School Musical because some folks up here in Dayton swear by it. I feel like the new generation finally has their Grease with fewer karaoke smash hits, but enough Disney production values and hooks of its own to stand several sequels.

The biggest thing I learned from High School Musical is that if you’re ever having troubles or feeling down, try a key change.

I knew this before thanks to Neil Diamond and Barry Manilow, but the notion cemented fully this time around.

Current music: lawnmowers in the distance

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  1. Jason Avatar

    Saw this article today while surfing and it made me think of you. Enjoy.