Got that root beer

Jolly’s in Hamilton [ + zoom in real good to read the menu and prices ]

Back in February I took a photo of this drive-in and made a mental note to check it out come warm weather.

Heat has arrived and I bent elbows after work yesterday, enjoying the heavy mug of home made root beer delivered to a tray hanging on my driver’s side.

Wasn’t as sweet as the stuff you find in vending machines, with an earthy taste swirling in the background. Real good. Super reasonable. I’m going again.

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4 responses to “Got that root beer”

  1. communicatrix Avatar

    Isn’t Hamilton supposed to have an exclamation point after it?

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    I never knew about the exclamation point after Hamilton until my bud from WOXY told me about it.
    I’ve not seen one, but your comment proves it existed.

  3. Nur Jemal Avatar

    OMG! Is this on rt. 4 in Hamilton? My dad always used to take me there for a chili dog and root beer! Jolly’s rocks!

  4. Chris Glass Avatar

    It is indeed Nur!