Turns out not where but who you’re with

The bride gets a last minute touch from her mother

A whirlwind trip to Austin, a city that bears many return visits, for snapping some (thousand) photos for a wedding.

I landed and went straight to the rehearsal set under a thicket of trees lakeside, for folks I only knew through virtual means. Excellent Texas BBQ, a few car bombs later that evening, and I felt like I knew these folks for years.

The ceremony the following day went swimmingly.

A formidable hat tip to Lindsay, Chris, their friends, and family for making a potentially stressful job a true joy.

Now to sort through photos…

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4 responses to “Turns out not where but who you’re with”

  1. Brock Avatar

    Carbombs foster brotherhood. I should know, I’ve done hundreds.

  2. Andrea Avatar

    Hi Chris! It was so nice meeting you at the wedding! I love this shot of Lindsay and her mom and I cant wait to see the rest!
    Take care!

  3. Chris' mom Avatar
    Chris’ mom

    She is beautiful.
    And you can see who she inherited it from.
    Glad you’re back…thanks for sharing.

  4. Sameer Vasta Avatar

    Nice shot Chris, definitely like the way you’ve captured it through a reflection.