of the order Lepidoptera

Fresh from the cocoon

I would like to remember yesterday for being audience to a (very) excited four year-old, sharing a moth that just emerged from the butterfly incubator.

But history and memory won’t shake the sadness and loss that surrounded that day.

7 responses to “of the order Lepidoptera”

  1. ted Avatar

    That picture is going to give me nightmares. The bug is HUGE.

  2. Stephen Shores Avatar

    Oh…my…gosh. That scares the heck out of me. Ughhhh…..

  3. Johnny Avatar

    I personally think the moth is beautiful.
    I’m still really depressed about the whole shooting…

  4. A.J. Avatar

    Mosura ya Mosura
    dongan kasakuyan indoo muu
    rosuto uiraadoa, hanba hanbamuyan
    randa banunradan tounjukanraa
    kasaku yaanmu
    Mosura ya Mosura
    yasashisasae wasure
    hito no kokoro inorinagara
    utai, ai no uta

  5. Jp Avatar

    That’s really beautiful. Did you come across it by chance? Or were you being literal when you said it cam from an incubator?

  6. chris glass Avatar

    Technically JP, it’s called a butterfly garden. Took 6 months for this fella to emerge.

  7. John in NOLA Avatar
    John in NOLA

    Um, I may have to re-think this whole “Moving to Cincinnati” thing. That thing looks more scary than Katrina… : )