Carillon Historical Park


Sunday was way too nice to stay indoors, so we took a drive and checked out the carillon by the Great Miami River.

Turns out, it’s not just a huge instrument jutting from of the earth [ I took a photo ], but part historical landmark with a village of museums.

Stand-alone buildings (most original) exhibit artifacts and illustrate Dayton’s “heritage of creativity, invention, and milestones in transportation.”

There are some great bits of machinery from NCR (National Cash Register), trains, buses, bikes, printing presses, and a 1905 Wright Flyer to boot. We found a guide who was happy to give us a personal tour of the plane and provide some perspective on the Wright brothers I can’t recall without coffee.

I’ll be going back to check out Culp’s Cafe and wander some more.

Carillon Historical Park, Dayton Ohio

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3 responses to “Carillon Historical Park”

  1. susan LaPlante Avatar
    susan LaPlante

    I love your website, it brings me back to Dayton. Some good and not so good memories. Today it is bitter sweet. Here I sit inside a cube at duPont making car, home and boat ads all day. So i get to visit Cinci and Dayton every day through your travels. This is the last place my dad took me while I was in Dayton in 1984. He died later that year at age 57 from cancer. He used to work for NCR and they had a pool with the most rough bottom, you could take some major foot skin off everytime you hit the bottom. He was an engineer at NCR, developed the computer punch card system. My grandmother lived in Fairborn, ever get up that way? Miss the candy from Ester Price too!

  2. chris Avatar

    Thanks Susan, though I am sorry to hear about the loss of your pops, it sounds like you have a firm grip on some solid memories.
    I’d very much love to get a tour of the Esther Price factory, and have yet to visit Fairborn either.
    The to-do list and places to visit list is never ending…

  3. susan LaPlante Avatar
    susan LaPlante

    I asked my brother about the shop in Fairborn. It is on the main street in town and it is called Foy’s. My mom worked there when she was in high school and she will be 80 this year. If you have never been to Fairborn you really should go. Its like Maybery on the Andy Griffith show. and Foy’s is a landmark. Old fashion store, candy, halloween masks, you will love it. It is worth at least 10 great pictures and at least a pic of the day, for me! and I know at Ester Price you get all the broken pieces of candy you can shove in your mouth. I moved from Dayton in 1969 to Tampa, but moved back in 1972. Worked as a cook at the famous Pine Club next to UD and the Stockyard Inn. Been back in Tampa since 1978. From cook to graphic artist and all with a 12th grade ed… talk about the hard way of making a living!!!