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One of the high points of the weekend was a spending a chunk of time with Kelley Deal taking pictures of handbags.

Let me flush this out a bit.

You might know Kelley from The Breeders, a band she’s in that I place firmly in the worship column. (If you’ve got all their albums and don’t own their cover of “Wicked Little Town” here’s an iTunes link. It’s incredible.)

What you may not know is that Kelley can make a mean handbag—and by ‘mean’ I mean awesome. Seriously. Awesome. [ Here’s her how-to page about knitting a wool bag on the DIY Network ]

She’s putting together an entire how-to book for these handbags and needed to visualize some ideas. So I came over to the rehearsal space and made shots of her work set amongst amps and drums and guitars and cords—and I have to say, the images turned out pretty darn fantastic. She set the stage, I just pulled the trigger. And man do I want to share them, but really, you have to wait for the book. Fingers crossed a few end up in there.

And some of you might be wondering, how the hell did I meet up with Kelley Deal? Well let’s just say, if gay marriage were legal, she and I would – almost – be related.

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5 responses to “kick ass”

  1. angie Avatar

    that does kick ass, chris! love the “almost related” explanation, too :o)

  2. John in NOLA Avatar
    John in NOLA

    I’m taking note of all the neat little shops and bakeries and bookstores and so forth, that you tell us about – for when I finally DO get up to Cincinnati, as an actual citizen. Hopefully before Hurricane Season…

  3. Reuben Avatar

    Definitely not enough detail on the meeting with Kelley Deal. Like most people who listened to The Breeders in the early 90s, I had a huge crush on the Deal sisters.
    When you say “rehearsal space,” does this mean they’re putting together new material?

  4. mr glass Avatar

    Jam space might be a more appropriate term Reuben, but I would hope an album emerges at some point.

  5. Jim Renaud Avatar

    Odd, this week at SXSW I got to meet and talk with Kim Deal! She was very cool and we chatted about her album being mixed in Denton, TX.