that pattern around the rearview mirror

the Volvo variety

Car shopping continues when little, tiny slices of time emerge. I’ve now sat in a Honda Fit, Accord, Civic, Subaru Forrester, Toyota Yaris sedan, and everything Hyundai makes.

I have to admit the Fit felt bigger than a Civic and the Forrester was bigger than I imagined. I wish I could get into one of those not yet available 2008 Scion xB things. Looks good and seems to fit the criteria. I’m almost through my list of things to consider, and been wrestling with banks as well.

As for the photo, I have no idea what that pattern around the rearview mirror is for, but I’ve noticed it on many rides. Always a little different. My attempts to determine the purpose have failed. Sun blocker for visibility? Heat blocker so the glue doesn’t fail?

I don’t know, tis late and I’m tuckered out by the day, the world of automobiles, and Anna’s untimely death. I can only hear her saying, “Hey, punker-poo. Punkin! Whatcha doo-in’? Do you love me? Do you miss me? More than all the raindrops in the world and all the fishes in the sea?”

I wish e-mail was that easy to answer.

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7 responses to “that pattern around the rearview mirror”

  1. Windshields often have anti-UV and anti-IR coatings (expecially minivan, to avoid heat buildup during summer due to large windshields).
    As I personally tested (grunt), the coatings does interfere with radio devices for electronic toll collection. The pattern is a no-coating area for the correct positioning of the device.

  2. If I was catholic, I could go down to St Louis Cathedral and light a candle for your Passat. But since I’m a WASP, I’ll just repress my feelings.

  3. Got myself a brand new Honda CR-V last Monday. It was a 2 month process to pick it out and I know how that can wear you out. I am not disappointed in my new car…Have you included it in your search? Enjoy your blog.

  4. If I could up my budget, I’d likely be sporting a CR-V without much hesitation Judy. It’s a sublime piece of reliable machinery. In fact, I love every iteration since Honda introduced it.