lawn ornaments

I’m particularly fond of the gingerbread man

I was talking with a friend this afternoon, coordinating Christmas in a round about way, when I realized the day of the week in relation to the holiday.

It never fails that all the stuff I hope to accomplish requires radical adjustment.

I wonder if I will ever be the person that does things like: find the perfect gift, or wrap even the less-than-perfect gifts with care, or send out cards, or bake cookies, or… (trailing off). I know I can’t blame (or sue) Nintendo.

I’m fine with these shortcomings as long as I get to spend time with folks, and that’s exactly what I plan to do.

Along the way, if I spot some excellent lawn decoration, I will stop and make with the photographing — and post them here, in this set: Christmas spectacular.

Current music: Grizzly Bear “On a Neck, on a Spit”

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  1. Tom Avatar

    Agreed with current music.