So You Think You Can Dance

On stage at the Aronoff Center, Cincinnati, OH [ +zoom ]

I may have mentioned a while back that I got rid of cable. So what’s with these bits of TV that filter into my life? Easy enough answer: all my friends have television sets. And Project Runway night is sacred.

It comes on late however, and there (used to be) so many shows on right before it that filled the reality-tv-contest-talent-show niche.

Most of them were awful. All of them use the whiz-bang graphics and musical flourishes pioneered by Survivor, and many of them used the three judge panel of bitter-dude-with-accent, ditzy chick, and forgettable person.

Thanks to the Brown, I got suckered into So You Think You Can Dance late into the game, missing all the dag-awful auditions (pity). But I caught all the good ones, and how good they were.

Like the show with Tim Gunn, this one requires skill, artistry, and constraints — namely, folks have a particular dance style, but have to break out of it for solo, couples, and group dancing. It’s like a combination of modern ballet and a classic Michael Jackson video. The show gave me a new appreciation for dance as an expressive art.

Yada yada yada, this is becoming long winded. Benji rightfully won this past season, and with the top 10, went on tour.

I caught them last night and my smile muscles haven’t stopped hurting, and my hands are still a little raw from clapping so much. What fun! I wish all TV could go on tour.

Oh, and cameras were allowed, so I have over 500 shots, until I can sift through them this weekend, the one pictured above will have to suffice.

3 responses to “So You Think You Can Dance”

  1. The Brown Avatar
    The Brown

    So You Think You Can Dance and Dick Clark Productions called and they are going to take away your rights to that picture because because it is SO DAMN BAD ASS! So You Think You Can Take Some Pictures?

  2. Sis Avatar

    U r such a brat!! I so wanted to go to this….hehehe they are @wesome!!

  3. Chris Glass Avatar

    You have to tell me these things sis! They released all three front rows on the last day!