Pulled out the camera for the taking-a-bow bit

I was lucky to catch Quidam twice on it’s stop in Cincinnati. Each time was a different experience: One view was farther away with a view of the whole stage, and last night it was more intimate – three rows back from the action.

Both times were great. The far view afforded visual symphony of the whole spread, while the up-close-and-personal seat revealed the intense balance of the individuals (and their beads of sweat). To boot, the performers expressions ranged from sweet and hilarious, to super-freaky. It can be scary to see someone in clown make-up stop in front of you, glare, and throw a jab in the air as if they were about to attack (luckily this was not me).

I’m blathering, time to head down to the radio station and hug some folks.

3 responses to “Quidam”

  1. onajide Avatar

    I really like that pic Chris. Since I do check here for differences with your LJ I usually find something to come back for. 🙂

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    They’re technically the same Onajide… I just click the “backpost” button.

  3. Paula Avatar

    AAAH Quidam – My first and only live Cirque Perfomance…. I loved it. Thanks for bringing back such fond memories.