carwash 2

another shot through the car wash [ previously ]

I went shopping with a friend as she prepares to enter the world of minivans. I was no help but provided support as her husband stayed home and tended to the kids.

So after a leisurely breakfast and a run through a carwash (for the potential trade-in), we entered the dealership with her file folder chock full of research.

Back and forth with the amicable salesperson for 7 rounds of price boxing, and the deal could not be made–the service department would have to be consulted about accessory installation prices.

Spent the rest of the day sorting through stuff to put in boxes.

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  1. CrioKnight Avatar

    A well informed consumer is the car dealer’s worts nightmare. My wife went to get her VW at the dealer and had me on a computer at home while I was on the phone with her letting her know her “accessory options.” Musta drove the car dealer mad.
    Very supportive of you to go none the less.