if the Earth were a sandwich

I’d still be shaped like a pear on toothpicks

Yesterday I did not have the cable to download photos from my camera. Of all the cords, dongles, power adapters, archaic media, and old electronic devices around my apartment, I have but one of these particular USB cables.

I went to Radio Shack and they wanted $29.99 for a new one.

Mad, I left in a huff—mentally cursing the snippy salesperson for acting like I was nuts for not wanting to pay 30 dollars for a crappy, thick, un-pliable USB cable.

Then I took a picture of myself next to a piece of bread on the ground, played the New Super Mario Bros, and everything was okay.

Cable found later.


  1. Dude I know what you mean about the cables. They rip you off because they know you need it and you cant make it yourself. I’m sure it only costs them about $2 to make.

  2. You could have bought a card reader for less. I’m surprised the cable costs that much! Card readers are particularly handy.

  3. I need a cardreader in my camera bag indeed Naz, preferably one that has a built in cable so I don’t lose it.
    And John, I _thought_ about making one, but I figured it’d require parts I don’t have on hand.

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