humidifier control, thermostat, and framed picture of the Margera family

of Viva La Bam fame

The weekend flew by:

CD release party at the Contemporary Arts Center on Friday (Live music, DJ and a little claustrophobic).
Clearance sale at a warehouse Sat. morn (the lines were horrible).
DaVinci Code at midnight (enjoyed).
Then helped out some friends in bits and pieces (as they prepped a house for sale).

Now I want to rid my place of all unecessary things that have piled up over time, and clear the cobwebs.

Spring weather is nice when it doesn’t rain all the time.

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  1. ah… you went to the design within reach sale down by the airport? i went once and by the time i waited in the line and made it through the door, everything was gone. with all those people there, i wonder why they havent opened up a real design within reach store in cincinnati.

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