rain makes the grass greener

this photo long before the tornado sirens went off

April arrived with thunder and lighting—a terrific storm that laid a fine backdrop for an evening playing Pictionary with a group of friends.

I don’t remember the game being so oddly paced. One team swept around the board guessing words in mere moments, while my team twiddled our thumbs and got cranky. We thought were playing the Jr. version, but the reality is we probably just weren’t very good.

3 responses to “rain makes the grass greener”

  1. Naina Redhu Avatar

    This makes me very nostalgic. Sigh!
    The monsoons will start soon enough in Mumbai [ where I am ] and your post makes me want to plan an evening with friends with hot “chai” and “samosas”!

  2. davis Avatar

    You should have been the designated drawer.

  3. chuck Avatar

    our april in hawai’i arrived the same way. however, mine came with an all-night power outtage. yours sounds more fun. aloha!