Prepping a screen (bigger, uncropped)

Often I’ll browse a photoblog and pine for details of what is going on behind the camera.

And though my writing skills could use sharpening, it is something I’m letting slip around here. I’ll regret not knowing the context of images when I’m older and decrepiter.

Yesterday was the scooter shot, something captured after taking photos of Wussy down at the radio station (They’re the first set up on Flickr).

The image above? It’s a t-shirt screen for an upcoming music event here in Cincinnati: The Music Now Festival (April 26-30) at the Contemporary Arts Center. Aside from opening reception ticket costs, it should prove to have some sparks.

I should note: the design of this shirt is pulled from an illustration created by Spike Press and a poster by Powerhouse Factories — two outfits with beautiful work. I’m not really involved in anything save for moral support and pulling ink. When I turned around and saw the capillary film getting hosed out this afternoon, I thought it looked neat so I grabbed the camera.

In other news:

  • Tax day loomed
    (I filed for an extension)
  • I kept avoiding having my stitches removed
    (finally did it last night)
  • A friend’s car got stolen this past weekend
    (and was recovered smelling like ass)
  • I accidentally canceled basic cable
    (which is perfectly fine)
  • I’m feeling very antsy to go somewhere, anywhere, soon.
    (The St. Louis gay rodeo is in a few weeks. It is their first.)
  • I have yet to replace the spare tire I’ve been driving on for several weeks
    (thank goodness for full sized spares)
  • I’ve been cramming at work getting ready to launch a site
    (detailing takes so much longer than initial concepts)

And now… I feel sorta caught up on things.

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