the doctor’s office

Lab work and whatnot

My doctor moved his practice to Beechmont and this was my first check-in at this location. Seems to be a much older crowd filling up the waiting room. I looked a little out of place with no visible gray hairs and a Nintendo DS.

First thing on the menu was vitals and blood work.

The results came in: I’m fatter than ever.

This is actually good news.

It continued. Counts revealed my body is bouncing back but still seems to be fighting something. Could be as simple as a cold. We’re scheduling CT-scans to monitor the bits on the inside.

So like always, it goes. But I’m feeling pretty darn good.

In other news: The Beechmont Kroger where I worked was rebuilt and it is, I believe, the largest (super) grocery they’ve created. Save for the jewelry store inside (?!) I thought it was pretty amazing as I picked up goods for lunch. Nowhere near Jungle Jims, but the diversity of product is better than most.

It took me about 10 minutes to find toothpaste.

In other, other news: My sister puts another notch on the birthday belt this calendar day. I must call and bedevil her playfully.

2 responses to “the doctor’s office”

  1. chuck Avatar

    chris: good luck on the upcoming scans, and glad to hear you’re feeling pretty darn good : )
    aloha, chuck

  2. sis Avatar

    hey brother~~good to hear ur feeling betta~~keep me posted on the scans~~and oh how u bedeviled me this nite~~was great to hear ya voice~~u owe me a visit!! hehehe love ya <>