losing focus

Mental note: wear glasses when taking photos

4 responses to “losing focus”

  1. Nik Avatar

    Ha! That’s happened to me quite a few times! 🙂 I used to adjust that tiny knob above the viewfinder (you’ve had a f717 so you know what I’m talking about) wondering what’s wrong with the damn thing.

  2. citygirl Avatar

    Ha! This makes me smile.
    I always love looking at the links you provide, btw. When do you find the time to look up all these things?

  3. chris glass Avatar

    Thanks citygirl.
    Links come from handful of RSS feeds. Mostly from these sources.
    And I have lots of time since I gave up TV. Well, except for Project Runway.

  4. angie Avatar

    good tip. i’d be more worried about those t-rex’s, though ;o) looks like they’re coming for your food.