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March 02, 2006

losing focus

Mental note: wear glasses when taking photos


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good tip. i'd be more worried about those t-rex's, though ;o) looks like they're coming for your food.

Posted by: angie | Mar 3, 2006 6:55:53 AM

Thanks citygirl.

Links come from handful of RSS feeds. Mostly from these sources.

And I have lots of time since I gave up TV. Well, except for Project Runway.

Posted by: chris glass | Mar 2, 2006 4:53:22 PM

Ha! This makes me smile.

I always love looking at the links you provide, btw. When do you find the time to look up all these things?

Posted by: citygirl | Mar 2, 2006 4:49:48 PM

Ha! That's happened to me quite a few times! :) I used to adjust that tiny knob above the viewfinder (you've had a f717 so you know what I'm talking about) wondering what's wrong with the damn thing.

Posted by: Nik | Mar 2, 2006 4:47:10 PM

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