Some good things, semi-related:

My mom’s newly remodeled kitchen is operational, and it is awesome. This means potential cake.

Two different couples from dinner club got engaged this past week. Solid bet for future cake.

A few birthdays recently celebrated. For a particular 3 year old, this meant a cake with a bunch of plastic Disney® characters stuck in the icing last night.

Oh, and this just in… another couple from dinner club just announced they’re expecting their first whippersnapper this fall. It’s hard to bring the cake theme through, but it seems reasonable.

2 responses to “cake”

  1. Didactic Avatar

    Jimney Christmas!!! That’s an impressive transformation of your Mom’s kitchen. I would say your cake is on it’s way.

  2. Firecrackr Avatar

    hmm…cake on birthdays is okay too….which by the way someones is coming up 😀 hint hint. sometime in the next 14 days a young girl will have her sweet sixteen…you may know her te he he….love ya uncle c you should come down and visit over spring break…(10th – 16th)