The wheels on the bus go round and round…

I’m super looking forward to the (Cincinnati) Auto Show next week.

Though not necessarily in the market for a new ride, I love fiddling with knobs and finding out which vehicles fit tall people.

I’m sad I didn’t make it out to the 2001 show to see the VW minibus concept I dream of owning. In searching for images, I came across another Westfalia concept that looks quite nifty (let the animation unfold).

More sad, current Volkswagens seem to be losing their “edge” and Buick is stealing their finesse (see icon). I doubt the Lucerne has an integrated umbrella holder though…

3 responses to “vvvvrooom”

  1. macboyx Avatar

    I missed the auto show this year. I’m really sad too because I am a big Volvo fan and I wanted to see the new hard top convertible. I did get to see/sit in/play with but not drive a new GTI tho. Mmm. I love the new Passat but don’t like it in it’s smaller format, the Jetta. And as far as the Lucerne goes… it looks even more like a Phaeton in the ass than a Passat which is REALLY scary.

  2. Michelle Avatar

    I’ve been displeased with VW since the lastest version of the Jetta came out. I loved the one before (um, the round one) so very much and planned to buy one whenever I eventually replace my Civic. I find the new Jettas (and Passats) terribly unattractive though so my love affair with VW has come to an end before it even began.

  3. duane Avatar

    That westfalia thing is AWESOME.