2006 Cincinnati Auto Show

At the convention center

I didn’t spend as much time at this year’s show, part of that not feeling so well on Friday. But I did get to see a good share of things on my list.

I suppose we don’t get the cream of the concept crop—sadly missed were the Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro. But that’s okay, as I tend to like production cars.

The biggest let-down was not fitting in the Toyota Prius. The roof line is too low for my freak height.

No, I take that back, the biggest disappointment was the interior of the new Passat. I haven’t been following its evolution up close and personal, but I can say the amount of spank and curves inside was dismal.

Enough of the negative, highlights included: The Toyota Camry and Yaris. The Honda Odyssey (not necessarily new, but I haven’t sat in one), and the VW Golf was pretty much pleasing all around.

PhotosPhotos from the 2006 auto show

2 responses to “2006 Cincinnati Auto Show”

  1. A.J. Avatar

    Ptoronto auto show friday night… very disappointing this time ’round.
    ford put in a gutsy profile, took prime real estate, and went abit star trek.
    the logos on some cars have gone roid big… VW and GMC were huge logos, gross. the cobra logo at ford will be a great steal for hoods, and the swell chevy cross is looking tough.
    there was a definite lack of concept models displayed. the jeep gladiator wasn’t shown in toronto, glad you took that pic. nissan had the best backdrop, and jaguar won my heart this year. but all in all, a very lack luster year. forgot to take my camera, and sadly it didn’t really matter.

  2. chris Avatar

    HA! Roid big.
    Yeah, this was a ho-hum year for sure. Not sure what’s up with that. Maybe it’s to cut through LED and Xeon glare.