A new football field for Western Hills High School
Glenway Avenue

A random thought, completely unrelated to the photo:

No, Isaac Mizrahi, I will not clap because you demand it.

I also will not wave my hand in the air for hip-hop.

4 responses to “turf”

  1. Jason Ahlers Avatar
    Jason Ahlers

    You are correct. That is Western Hills, aka – West Hi. 🙂

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    Thank ya Jason.

  3. Zachariah O'Hora Avatar
    Zachariah O’Hora

    I believe….the old hip-hop missive of waving your hands in the air….it’s not for hip-hop. It’s a gesture for the human condition.
    “Wave your hands in the air…wav’em like you just don’t care!”
    Is a simultaneous act of acceptance and resistence. Accepting that you DO care, because life will bring on some heavy shit. But resisting, by not being taken down by it and ackowledging your will to carry on.
    Same as in church. Or as Snoop says “tha Chuuch!”
    Of course…the original sentiment has been usurped by people waving guns in the air who REALLY don’t care…..

  4. Chris Glass Avatar

    Okay, I might wave my hands in the air in some instances now.
    *hat tip*