roundy, 3d, swoosh and twirl

The future is bad

Just documenting change here (careful not to say progress). Of all these refreshments, I suppose I have to find some nice thing to say… and that will be: Sprint’s newest identity is the least offensive of the bunch.

The rest look like something from a logo generator.

I still haven’t gotten the bitter taste out of my mouth from the evolution of fast food logos.

3 responses to “roundy, 3d, swoosh and twirl”

  1. I actually read something about the new AT&T logo testing as much less authoritarian as the old one. Apparently, now that there’s serious competition, the old fascist death star is a little hard on our sensibilities.
    The new Sprint logo, on the other hand. Don’t even get me started. Have they forgotten what their brand was supposed to be about?

  2. I like more the new Intel and also the Sprint logo
    – Kodak is going digital, why bother with this film shape ?
    – AT&T wants to escape from the Konica “impression”
    also… do you think that big corporations will accept a “stupid” logo ? everything is for a reason 🙂 if we do not see it, it doesn’t mean that it’s not there…