LED Tail Lights

I-275 West

7 responses to “LED Tail Lights”

  1. Alexander Berglund Avatar

    I really like the idea. I didn’t know Audi was going for LED-lights… or could it be a homemade fix perhaps?

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    According to Audi’s site, those are standard on the Avant. (You have to dig for it)

  3. Brian Gilham Avatar

    What scares me is that you would pull your camera out on the highway to take that shot 😉

  4. Chris Glass Avatar

    I don’t actually look through the viewfinder, Brian.

  5. Brian Gilham Avatar

    That’s a comforting thought 😉

  6. Alexander Berglund Avatar

    Intresting. And it’s goodlooking. Will at least be an option when I get my car – if such an event ever will take place =P

  7. Alexander Berglund Avatar

    One thing – i remembered know and actually want to bring up concerning your page is that in previewmode, something has gone awfully wrong, like you forgot to link your CSS or something. Other than that I can’t complain about your beautiful photos and nice thoughts… 😉