woxy winter shirt


Things on the press are moving nicely. We’ve changed inks to a local distributor that has lots of good insight, and we’re getting better at fixing errors before they become wasted product.

Moving through a half a gross of shirts with 5 passes on the front and three on the back can be done in a day (with lunch break).

The results are actually on sale, but don’t complain if it is slightly crooked or the ink is whack, that’s the beauty of something home made.

It’s wabi-sabi. WOXY winter shirt

2 responses to “woxy winter shirt”

  1. Crioknight Avatar

    Hi Chris. I’ve been lurking and reading your little insights for about 5 months now. You remind me very much of a friend that I don’t hear from as often as I would like. Regardless of this I like your website. It’s visually soothing and your photos rock. The reason I write is to let you know that I dig the WOXY shirt but it reminded me of a litlte thing called TagCloud (http://www.tagcloud.com/index.php). It produces a similar word layout but from an RSS feed. Then you can take this image and place it on your website. Sort of a condensed “TagCloud” that sums up your site. Thought you might like it.

  2. C Glass Avatar

    great design analogy, I’d never put the two together, but it makes perfect sense. thanks crio, and welcome to these virtual parts proper.