layered birds

The wandering crows

There’s crows outside. They take control of an area for chunks of time and then move on to another part of town. The where and when changes throughout the season.

They were particularly noisy today. Perhaps the moon had something to do with it.

Oh, and the image is actually two photos layered together. Bigger version, uncropped, up on Flickr

2 responses to “layered birds”

  1. Nik Avatar

    Amazing shot!! That’s all I’ve got to say, really. The crows at ISU poop everywhere and are definitely not welcome (if not for an article in the Daily and mudane in-class conversations.)

  2. Stephanie Wild Avatar
    Stephanie Wild

    I love the black and white sharp contrast against the softer grey background. So glad that Brian introduced me to your website. You should come out to Chicago soon, many photos can be taken!
    All the best!