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December 25, 2005

Christmas Eve

My Great Nephew

Went over to my sister’s place and snuck a sampling of cookies throughout the afternoon.

Got to see my great nephew walk up a storm and grin just as much. Big bright eyes on the fella. He's no idea what all the hoopla about the holiday is yet.

Just as good.

He then napped soundly and gave the adults time to catch up.

Always fun spending a slice of time with my sis, niece, and nephews. I need to get back over there when there isn't a flurry of events and throw down some cards with 'em.

Headed home and frantically tore my place apart trying to find photo paper to print out images from the year to put into a book for my mom. Went to bed as the sun came up and ate all the cookies I had left out for Santa.

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is always awesome having you over bro'~anytime u have a free moment or 2 come over and we can do the card nite...some down time is entitled to us both soon!! love ya bigtime!! Sis xoxo

Posted by: Sis | Dec 27, 2005 9:15:00 PM

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