1000 days

Who dey?

A friend called from the airport. (abbreviated) “It’s snowing out in Colorado, there’s a delay, could I hang?”

I gave up an evening of Guitar Hero and We Love Katamari and said “Sure.”

Not too many people get off at our airport.

We went to a coffee shop and caught Jesus is Magic at the Esquire.

Good times.

4 responses to “1000 days”

  1. Jez Avatar

    1000 days.. Have you had your blog going for 1000 days?
    Was December 19, 2002 the first day? thats mmm.. (mental maths) 12 (for 2002) + 365 (for 2003) + 365 (for 2004) + 364 (for 2005) = 1106?
    I make it 1106.. maybe I am being dumb!
    But just looking back to your first archived entry.. I see you turned 31 then!! I started my blog just before turning 30. Still trying to find the right career direction.
    Your blog is fantastic, in fact your whole webpage is!! Congratulation… oh and Happy New Year!!

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    Ah Jez, that title was a bit obtuse. It is in reference to the placard speaking of the 1000 days of the Iraq War.
    Sorry bout that confusion.

  3. Jez Avatar

    As Homer J Simpson once said, “Boy, everyone is stupid except me.”
    My bad

  4. Brian Gilham Avatar

    Spontaneous visits from friends are always a nice suprise.