The other side of town

A classic

Sunday afforded a leisurely start to the day, driving over to Mariemont for breakfast. The Frisch’s was passed for a much better meal at the National Exemplar.

I love breakfast.

Highly recommended: Barb’s Bloody Mary

2 responses to “The other side of town”

  1. dave Avatar

    – V-8 spicy tomato juice
    – Worcestershire Sauce
    – Celery salt
    – Pepper
    – Horseradish
    – Olives (optional, not my cup of tea)
    Let sit in fridge overnight – serve with Absolut Peppar. Drink liberally. Very, very liberally.

  2. Naina Redhu Avatar

    Hi Chris,
    I just wanted to say that I love your Journal and the way you relate the images to your post – fantastic! Awefuckinsome!