Ohio, as viewed from Ludlow, KY

For the brief time I spend with my barber, I feel I should be paying extra for therapeutic consult along with the beard trim.

She can tell when something’s wrong simply by having you sit in the chair. It’s a combination of clues one could cram into the last 5 minutes of a Murder She Wrote episode, and then something a little less blatant.

“The eyes” she says, “tell me everything.”

I’m not about to deny I’m the gullible sort, but I think she’s right on when she says, that 7 out of 10 people aren’t happy with their life at the moment. A sad arbitrary statistic for sure, but not too far off I’d surmise.

Now, I don’t want to come off as one of those unhappy people. We were talking about others, as I am well adjusted and content.

I’ll find out for sure after my next session haircut.

Extra nice bonus of the day was leaving the barbershop and seeing hills across the river covered in changing leaves.

2 responses to “haircut”

  1. Reuben Avatar

    It amazes me that anyone can have a meaningful conversation with their barber. Sitting in that chair induces a near-panic-attack that I liken to going into a grocery store after midnight.
    Man, I’ve said too much. Maybe I need to visit your barber.

  2. c glass Avatar

    Well Reuben, I’ve been going to her for over 8 years now. And I think the rapport we’ve developed over time is pretty incredible.
    I should really create a category for haircuts, they’re often the most insightful days. This particualr entry lacks resolution and detail.