Free links

With daily photos, one is bound to repeat a locale

Bush’s speech writer – requires QuickTime, and is worth every megabyte

Out of 5: Themed mixes – loverly graphic design, great music, fun idea

Kate Bush’s coded cover – Looking forward to her new album. There’s some speculation about the cover art. brings you love, and deeper understanding.

Audio clips from TV in the 70s – My husband, some hotshot. Here’s his ancient Chinese secret…

1-800-Free411 – Free directory information (on your mobile). The catch: you must listen to a local ad. Sounds good to me. (via)

Well, that’s a few links. As always, I keep them collected up at

In other news, I have gotten lots of test results back, trying to determine my (improving) state of health. So far, we’ve ruled out lots of things (which is relieving), but we haven’t hit paydirt. I’m thinking I might give acupuncture a try soon.

3 responses to “Free links”

  1. James Avatar

    I really appreciate all your links Chris. It’s always a pleasure to make the extra click.

  2. Brian Gilham Avatar

    Hope you’re feeling 100% soon

  3. Halfmad Avatar

    I love Kate Bush. Alicublog and Shakespeare’s Sister blogs had something last night where people were talking about scenes in movies that made them cry, and someone mentioned a scene from She’s Having a Baby (never seen it!) that featured her song “This Woman’s Work.” That song always makes me cry.