An old familiar view

Ohio River through the trees

On Saturday, I wanted to drive in the wonderful daylight. I made the trip across town to buy my favorite apples.

Called an old friend on the highway and lo and behold, I not only got an answer, but lucky. I’d join her for a drink at a roadside tavern.

I hadn’t had a beer in a while and they made my eyelids bricks. But not after we caught up and she kicked my butt at pool.

2 responses to “An old familiar view”

  1. Mara Avatar

    Did you try the new hybrid called Honey Crisp? My mom bought a bushel out at Rouster’s and I’ve been eating them for weeks. A+ in my (apple) book.

  2. C.Glass Avatar

    Hmmmmm, Honey Crisp?!! I must go back. I have never veered from Krispy… yet…
    Thanks for the info Mara.