This is (sorta) fluffy

Exploring the animal kingdom

It’s cute watching a two and a half year old discover life, sensations and nature without fear. This can be a problem if there’s an insect involved that is, say, a wasp, or a bee, or (insert something that bites).

But caterpillars are relatively harmless and different—and different is fun!
The caterpillar feels good crawling up the skin!
Pet the caterpillar!
Kiss the caterpillar!
Put foot accidentally too close to caterpillar!

Hmmm, death makes things complicated.

3 responses to “This is (sorta) fluffy”

  1. chuck Avatar

    i laughed…”sorta fluffy”. well, fluffy, until the death part : )
    thank you for all the great words. i always enjoy.

  2. Emi Avatar

    I really enjoy your blog every time!
    This picture took my breath away.
    I realized that I forgot this feeling long time ago but I wish I could keep it forever…

  3. D R E W Avatar

    i like the photo of you on the front page. very sexy… seriously.