Dinner Club: August

Nibblin in the kitchen

We’ve got a few more rounds of this potluck version of dinner club, until we’re back to hitting bona-fide restaurants. Shaking things up is always prudent.

But I must say, the home-made vittles for this particular get together were especially memorable. The maytag bruschetta, slaw of some asian flavor I can’t recall, grilled pork loin, and some excellent cobbler from the Dr. Weil cookbook stood out in my mind.

I must collect recipes.

The chocolate covered strawberries were a treat I failed to mention

The cobbler. I took some home for leftovers and ate 3 more portions before midnight.


  1. I’m on Hamilton, but that’s not my place. It’s my friends over in Westwood. They just re-did their kitchen. It’s the best kitchen EVER.

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