Balloons, Woody and Bears

and I laughed like I always do
and I cried, like I cry for you
and balloon man blew up in my hand

—Robyn Hitchcock

The topic of balloons came up after dinner last night. Maybe you’ve been to and you already know they specialize in big and unusual balloons.

Everyone has their thing. But some quirks are exceptionally dangerous.

Like after watching the Behind-the-Music-like exposé of Grizzly Man (Timothy Treadwell) last night on ABC Primetime. They didn’t focus so much on his intimate footage of bears, but more so, the tragedy that would become his life when he didn’t get the gig as Woody on Cheers. That spiraled into a bout of drugs and some meandering until he had a religious experience up in Alaska with a bear.

It’s no spoiler to tell you that he went bonkers filming these beasts, getting way too close and eventually dying by their paws. Oh, and even though they say he had a girlfriend—he was supergay. The full article is here. The movie is out soon.

The moral of this entry? Don’t be too upset if you don’t get the Woody part, bears kill fags, and balloons are your friend.

5 responses to “Balloons, Woody and Bears”

  1. chuck Avatar

    is there significance to all the furry men on this site? not that i’m complaining or anything , just wondering!

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

  3. texsin2001 Avatar

    Grin of course there is a significance guys! all ya gotta do is look at the pictures of those bears holding the balloon and you will see “Buster.” Buster is a very cute bear porn guy… not that I’m an aficionado of porn…(oh wait yes I am). He has a thing for balloons and is his company  Just wanted to pass it on 🙂

  4. Chris Glass Avatar

    I figured Buster was involved in the company. Some good friends in St. Louis say he’s a fine fellow, and I trust those guys like no others.
    Thanks for clarification tex.

  5. chuck Avatar

    there’s an explanation for everything