Rilo Kiley

at the Southgate House

I missed the DJ set from Rilo Kiley at the studio today, and have decided to get one of those emergency car kits that have jumper cables and flares. I did however, make it to see them perform across the river this evening.

I’d be lying if I said I knew their music really well, but that’s the fun of going to see a live performance—there’s always a layer of personality and sound that doesn’t come across through headphones.

I did try and get acquainted by streaming tunes from their website before heading out. Much of it was familiar from songs on compilations and the radio station.

I believe at one point I said to a friend that the lead singer was Sissy Spacek for the new millennium—but that was mostly due to the slight twang and cavernous voice. More haunting that one would expect to find in a rock band. Categorization fails.

Summary: Packed venue, great show. I missed the boat by not digging this band before.