I took a Sith day

My friend made that title up, along with “Wookie hooky.”

So yeah, I went to see that new Star Wars twice in 24 hours.

A few thoughts:

1.) I think this movie is entirely appropriate for young children. 3 and up. Everyone should see this, especially Republicans.

2.) We can’t let the robots take over, that is bad. We _must_ stay .in .control. Actually, that wasn’t a theme of the movie, but I think if you take away all that Biblical stuff, it’s basically about realistic textures and the beauty of laughter—and robots don’t know how to laugh, except for R2, he laughs _and_ kicks ass.

3.) Our outfits must get simpler in the future.

4.) Lots of oral sex happening in the background when you’re not watching the main stuff. But it’s really obscure oral sex, still entirely appropriate for children… and Republicans.

5.) I love you more than you love me because your love makes me pretty. But only as pretty as that time, when you held me—back on Naboo, by the lake, with the rainbows.

6.) Lots of the best movies were blended together for this: sinking vessels just like Titanic, but with lasers. And Starship Trooper-like frenetic action shots without the iceberg. Good stuff, like that new PS3 demo thing.

7.) Full frontal wookie.

8.) I forget what 8 was was for.

*hat tip to Mike, Dave, Nick and Brandon for the most excellent and thought provoking company during this cinematic experience*

4 responses to “I took a Sith day”

  1. CM Harrington Avatar

    Although you neglected one thing: Ewan McGregor is *hot* with the beard.
    I am however very sorry to hear you had to see this film twice. I’d just assume gouge out my eyes.

  2. Libby Avatar

    Sith Day. I get it. Did I tell you that when we were in Vegas in March, we were crossing the street from Bellagio to Aladdin [starbucks craving from yours truly] and we walked past this short bearded guy – and really loudly I exclaimed “HEY – That’s George Lucas!”
    This is why I love my husband. I think he was more excited about seeing George Lucas than he would have been a topless Tara Reid at the Hard Rock.

  3. duh Avatar

    I’d just assume gouge my eyes out?…Try I’d just as soon bud, now does’nt that make more sense when you think about it?

  4. Andrew Avatar

    3.) Our outfits must get simpler in the future.
    But it all takes place a long time ago!