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Rainy-ish day that cleared at sunset.

Where I walked out of Best Buy empty handed again to find that Chipotle may have changed from 4 crispy tacos to 3.

14 loads of laundry, and there’s still more to do.

An expensive trip to Target where I bought tissues and lots of other stuff, including a sheet set that was so cheap, thread count wasn’t even mentioned. Why only one pillow case I wondered? It wasn’t until AFTER I laundered them and threw away the package that I realized I had selected twin instead of full for the spare bed.

I didn’t even remember how to fold a fitted sheet, then again, I think those instructions are lacking. Origami is easier.

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  1. 14 loads of laundry? If all my clothes, bedding, and towels were dirty I’d have three big loads. If I had 14 loads of laundry I’d have to move.

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