Bughouse Video

Northside gets something it needed

It was my first trip to this new independent video store with art house bent. I tried to get What the Bleep Do We Know, but it was out, opting for Tarnation instead.

On a related note: there’s talk that a Walgreens is going to move in on the main drag where a lumberyard used to reside. We’ve already got a pharmacy here in this small community. I’m not sure the big benefit of having this chain muck up the landscape.

What we really need is a nice laundromat and some good Chinese takeout. I thought it’d be fun to combine the two and call the place, Ancient Chinese Secret.

Bad name, I know, but better than (insert something) + Wok.

One response to “Bughouse Video”

  1. oliver Avatar

    What the Bleep was actually sorta hokey and weird. Conceptuallly interesting, but the acting is worse than high-school theatre.