I disgress progress

Spring is here and I figured it was a good time for a haircut. Might as well look proper for a new Driver’s License photo to boot.

‘Sides, I like visiting my barber in Kentucky.

She exclaimed during my stint in the chair that I’m due for some rough times ahead, which isn’t something anyone wants to hear. This can’t be, I protest. This is my Jesus year.

Maybe she was speaking metaphorically. Silver hairs are starting to creep along the sides of my head, and they are going to be unruly she says — sticking out, not tameable, coarse…


While razoring up my neck she reminded me not to jerk around because if I get cut and sue, I wouldn’t get much. “Just me and two dogs… and we eat well.”

Speaking of her dogs, I snapped a photo of her mutt by the name of Bear. Sweet pup.

One response to “Silver”

  1. Nik Avatar

    Hey I got a haircut myself! Except for the fact that it was 16 dollars, it was quite an enjoyable experience. The guy kept telling me I had a good “facial structure”… not sure what he meant, but I felt good… he even coaxed me into cutting my hair to almost a third of an inch. I like the look; might look like a total goon (especially if I’m unshaven) but it’s low maintenance and that’s what I’m shooting for these days.
    I’ll shut up now.