Planting One Seed at a Time

Tom’s 2004 Compilation

My friend’s yearly mixes have taken on epic proportions. His labor of love takes months of honing as he perfects the flow and develops stunning packages. This year, a few of us turned an evening of picking up the CDs into a mini-release party catered by Chipotle.

Fun details include sunflower seeds in the spine of the jewelboxing, and an actual coupon for the independent record store here in town to encourage folks to go out and buy what they like.

It’s not necessarily music that came out in 2004, but it’s stuff that caught Tom’s ear and made an impression. I’m still not through it, yet I’m already finding myself humming new tunes I didn’t know before.

The complete track list

2 responses to “Planting One Seed at a Time”

  1. CM Harrington Avatar

    I used to, and still do make yearly compilations, although mine come out in the summer. I also make covers and such, but clearly this fellow beats me by a mile!
    I’ve got to up the ante! I love external motivators.

  2. Sebastian Schmieg Avatar

    Wow, that looks awesome!