Thanks Annaliza from NY City

I skipped going to the license bureau yesterday after taking the wrong on-ramp — gravitating toward home by mistake.

Upon my return home last night, a card from NY was in the mailbox with no return address.

3 responses to “Gratitude”

  1. Rowgun Avatar

    Congrats on finding a kind soul in NY – I hear those are rare.
    Also, congrats on posting a picture that doesn’t mistakenly give away your personal information. Would have been a shame to get your id back and then be a victim of identity theft. 🙂

  2. browneye Avatar

    (Ohhhhh, I saw the Ohio license and got a homesick pang)

  3. CM Harrington Avatar

    That must qualify for the best card EVER.
    Good to know humans aren’t nearly as loathsome as I sometimes find them.