(This) chewing gum is really gross

Imagine you left Jolly Ranchers in a bag next to Fruit Stripe gum for a good piece of time and you’d get this latest concoction from Wrigleys. Oh, and when the flavor goes away after 30 seconds, it will be a hard glop of tasteless un-chewable crap in another 30.

I really need to make a category for junk food.

6 responses to “Blech”

  1. well now brother…guess it depends on our ages on this one…Gabe loves this flavor!! hehehe

  2. Haha. Have you seen the commercial of that gum? The gum is watching the green apple the whole day until it gets a blemish. Then it says “Now you dont last that long, do ya?” or something like that… Commercials like this make me wonder what other crap companies are selling me. hehe.