Coffee House

I stopped by the coffee house up in Ludlow with a friend last night after some good pizza and salad at Deweys. If my fridge magically had all the ingredients for their house salad, I believe I would eat it every day.

I say that, but I know cravings come in fits and spurts. I barely hit Panera for their potato soup anymore. Maybe it’s a lot like earworms, there’s some science to the arc of things.

The coffee went down well, but I found using a laptop is pretty useless when you’re trying to carry a conversation. A girl at the table next to us did want to get a better view of the Star Wars trailer though. I finally figured out bitorrent. We chatted about expectations and some geekery, then it was time to close the laptop and come up with our own topics.

PhotosA couple more photos from the coffee shop

3 responses to “Sitwell’s”

  1. davis Avatar

    Nice shots.
    Very warm and comfy place.
    Bitorrent is befuddling but once you get it, you got it.
    Azureus is what I use when I do. Albeit a version of it made my ‘puter sound like a wind tunnel. Zoiks. Newer versions, no such recurrence.
    Been leery ever since though.

  2. browneye Avatar

    I just love the texture and feel to all of your photography. So wonderful.

  3. TJ Avatar

    Oh, you make me homesick. I love Sitwell’s, but I miss the days when it was housed in the basement of the apartment building down the street.