Omni Netherland Plaza Hotel

It’s now a Hyatt but I liked the old name better

This National Historic Landmark in the meat of downtown Cincinnati has a supposed ghost wandering the place — the wife of a laborer killed during construction of the hotel in 1930.

Highlights of the interior include a Hall of Mirrors, and lots of deco geometry on a grand scale. I figured there would be good light this afternoon as I headed back from the coffee chain, but really I don’t think it’s possible to take a bad photo of this place.

More information about the hotel is available on the The College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning website. You can also navigate back out on their site to read up on other significant architecture in the area.

PhotosAlso, here is a larger version of the photo if you’d like to see some of the detail. (330KB)

2 responses to “Omni Netherland Plaza Hotel”

  1. Steve Bogner Avatar

    That is a great hotel. I used to travel to Cincinnati (I now live here) and would stay there now & then. Carew Tower, next door, also has some interesting architecture.

  2. Susan Lynch Avatar
    Susan Lynch

    This hotel is a Hilton, not a Hyatt.