Cupid threw up in the grocery store

Clean up in aisle one

I almost freaked in the grocery late this afternoon. Right when you walk in there’s this whole… forest of Valentine’s Day baloney. I feel slightly sorry that this woman got caught in front of my lens. She was perfectly innocent.

There was some guilt that I should get something for my significant other, but I don’t have one and even dating these days is a tricky word. I’m very sensitive not to destroy the sanctity of marriage.

And I know I shouldn’t dis a holiday where you let someone know you care, even though you might want to let them know more often. If there are special savings on flowers I suppose it’s an economy of scale. All is not bad.

So I’m single, and they don’t have Hallmark holidays for single people.


Basically a tragedy.

Then again, airfares and restaurants don’t have specials for us loners either. Table for one? Right this way sir… Would you like a magazine or newspaper so you won’t have to see the pitied looks from other patrons? Excellent. Perhaps a copy of Maxim?

2 responses to “Cupid threw up in the grocery store”

  1. nicole (browneye) Avatar

    it’s not quite a hallmark holiday yet, but feb. 14 is national quirkyalone day.
    just google quirkyalone.
    i’m afraid to mention it on my site again though because last year i got a call from a reporter in san francisco wanting to do a radio interview of me as a quirkyalone single. whatever!

  2. glass Avatar

    Now that MIGHT be the very holiday.
    Of course the main quirkyalone site offers a discusssion board for meetups.
    I suppose QuirkyTogether couldn’t be all that bad.