The year we lightened up

Yeah, like that

Dan pointed out a link to this fansite for the sadly defunct Pacific Southwest Airlines today, and I was fascinated. I want to live in that era.

No, scratch that. I want this era to LIGHTEN THE FUCK UP.

I’m beat with government and faith based agencies trying to determine what is decent.

What a shitty time we live in right now—scared stupid with fines and laws.

I’m ready for the backlash.

It doesn’t have to be all retro with free love and wild orgies in the streets—those can be in private homes. But as for feeling sexy and flaunting it, bring it on.

And while we’re at it, I think we’re ready to loosen the ideals of traditional beauty all around. It’s been brewing. We don’t need an edict to make it official. I don’t mind if the stewardess flight attendant is packing a few extra Twix bars in the trunk. As long as they are happy with who they are and society is happy for them, then I’m happy.

The future is supposed to be sexy, I saw it on TV back in the day. We’re supposed to have new shiny fabrics that cling to us and floating cars. To quote Jim, “Listerine Strips and Wi-Fi are the only things that make me “Feel” like I’m living in the 21st Century.” So for 2005, I say we sex it up a bit. Fun boots for everyone. And big “I’m happy to be alive” smiles.

Floating cars can come later.

While on the topic of air travel, bring back the frickin’ peanuts. Those with allergies can have their pretzels as an option.

I’m all about options.

4 responses to “The year we lightened up”

  1. Nik Avatar

    Whoa… this will evidently sound dumb, but I didn’t know they give out pretzels since some idiot decided to sue (what else can happen in America?) over allergies!
    From a rather geeky perspective, and according to the old “Lost In Space” serial, we were supposed to send up a family, an evil doctor, and a robot with highly advanced AI into space in 1999! People in the late 60s actually thought we’d have floating cars by now.
    And all we can come up with is edible underwear…
    This is a beautiful site, by the way 🙂

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    It’s a dang shame, even with edible undies.
    And thanks, dang fine site you have yourself.

  3. Dave Avatar

    actually, edible underwear is the one direct result we have from nascent 1960’s flying car technology. The organic polymers used in edible underwear manufacture were originally part of the super light structural material the “flying cars” were suppose to be constructed of. Alas, a terrible accident at a secret Drexel Gardens, IN. plant in 1967 was the end of the flying car but the begining of countless nights of comsumable intimate couture!

  4. Chris Glass Avatar

    Now that’s information I can use, Dave.