That’s totally sick.

The z pack

I’m a symptoms guy.

If someone gets sick, I’m usually the one who wants to know what they had with gory detail and for how long. Break out the Pantone book, what color was your phlegm? Disturbing perhaps, but I’ve a clinical curiosity.

So for those interested, here was my last week: It started with a deep unproductive cough that kept me up at night. From there, it quickly barreled into a fever that broke into chills. Then there was congestion, but never any phlegm. The coughing fits kept occurring from time to time. Not very exciting, I know. But that is what it was.

I also believe I experienced dementia.

I made the mistake of turning on the TV at one point and Road House with Patrick Swayze seemed to be on every channel. I have since sworn to cut off my mullet and I promise not to oil myself up and do tai-chi in the mornings. That’s totally sick.

I went to a clinic on the 5th day.

I’m not sure if doctors give out a prognosis anymore, they just throw pills at you. So I got some of those and an order to get a chest x-ray.

Today, I feel relatively normal.

3 responses to “That’s totally sick.”

  1. Nik Avatar

    Dang… have that “deep” cough myself. It’s been going around for quite some time around here.
    When I used to visit India as a kid, my grandma had a very interesting concoction for a cough or a throat infection (in case I got one): Ingest a tablespoon of honey, mixed with a couple of drops of ginger-juice and little black pepper and do this thrice a day.
    Call it placebo, but the ‘exotic’ tasting syrup, together with the strict rule of drinking only warm water whenever you were thirsty, actually seemed to work.
    So, I’m off to get the ingredients… I wish you (and myself) health 🙂

  2. glass Avatar

    I’m picking up ginger juice tonight. Thanks for the homeopathic remedy, Nik.

  3. Nik Avatar

    Wonderful! Do let us know if it helped 🙂