Dinner Club: IHOP

At the “Center of Cincinnati” in Oakley

Rain soaked, waiting for enough tables to get clear for us, we had a good turnout for dinner club on this dreary night.

Everyone else’s food looked pretty okay (those that got their food), but my egg yolks had a green tint. The bacon had an aftertaste that made me think, “best sold by sometime in 2004.” The pancakes were cold—and they didn’t even bring out the carousel of syrup.

I’m sure it’s hit or miss with places like this, but breakfast is a hard meal to screw up. If I can do better than a restaurant, then it’s not one I’d likely visit very often.

The good part in all of this? The company. Everyone was in fine spirits and I got to sit with folks I don’t get to sit with very often. There were new year’s eve stories to share along with various hazards of the snow storm we had a few weeks ago.

[UPDATED] Oh, and I did take photos, but with my friend’s camera, so there’s a placeholder up there. I quite hate it. But after looking at the real photo, I think I’ll stick with the horrible doodle from memory.

3 responses to “Dinner Club: IHOP”

  1. CM Harrington Avatar

    Um, perhaps the reason your food experience sucked was due to the fact that you went to IHOP. I think you and my good friend MIchael are the only people I know that willingly enter such places.
    May I suggest a good Dim Sum brunch instead? That’s what I do. Because it’s “family style” everyone gets to try everything that’s ordered, and it’s also *really* inexpensive (even in Fairfield County)
    Better luck next time, my friend.

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    Hmmm, I think Dinner Club would love some Dim Sum. I honestly dunno if I’ve ever come across a joint for that (in Cincinnati) One of our few rules is to keep it within spitting distance.

  3. CM Harrington Avatar

    yeah, I don’t know any off-hand. Perhaps the Chowhound people can help. They’re a great resource.