Sizzling Wok

An unknown person (perhaps my darlin Clementine) across the way

Lunch was at the chinese restaurant that features a buffet, but I refuse to eat the buffet food and must order from the menu.

“It’s fresh that way.”

I eye the stuff under the sneeze-guard on the way to the bathroom and it looks fresh enough, but I’m happy with the way I’ve ordered for the past 15 years at this local chain. The shrimp puffs are best piping hot.

I caught up with my world traveling friend who has landed in Texas after years in Germany, Japan and Italy. The culture shock of returning to America is fading away as she remarks how nice it is to have a disposal and dishwasher.

In other news, the roads are still less than optimal and parking is atrocious in the Queen City. From a phone conversation last night:

“They just came through and plowed our street!” with excitement.

The reply, a droll, “I haven’t been plowed all week.”